In our Pre-K classes, we have a more enhanced academic focus. This Monday-Friday morning program focuses on advancing both intellectual and social skills. Children in these classes should begin the year with a solid working knowledge of most of the letters, experience with scissors, age appropriate social skills and fine motor coordination. Math and Literacy growth is emphasized through recognizing patterns, developing simple math skills, connecting letters and their sounds and learning pre-reading and reading skills. Our social goals for our Pre-Ks include learning to resolve conflict appropriately, self-care and responsibility and self-advocating/communicating needs and desires. Our teachers like to describe this class as ‘half-kindergarten’ when describing the difference in our Pre-k and 4 year old classes.

Children in our pre-k program should turn 5 before December 31st. If your child does not meet the age requirement but this sounds like a good fit for them, our Pre-K teams will assess them individually to determine if this class is right for them. Children must be potty-trained to attend Stepping Stones Preschool, diapers and pull-ups are not permitted.

Other activities exclusive to our Pre-K program are a once a month cooking day, and weekly reading groups and math centers. In February, we begin a reading program where children will bring home a book to read everyday! In addition, they have library once a week and lunch with their teachers in the classroom each Monday. This class is ideal for children that are 5 but not quite ready or don’t qualify for kindergarten.


Registration Checklist

* Required For New Students

  • Admission Application
  • First month tuition paid at registration
  • Registration Fee
  • Activity Fee
  • * VA Student Health Form
  • * Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Medical Information Form
  • Media Release Form

Annual Fees

Registration Fee (non-refundable)

$ 100.00

Activity Fee

$ 75.00

Programs & Monthly Tuition

AM Mon (w/lunch)

9:15am – 1:00pm

     & Tue – Fri (5 Day)

9:15am – 12:00pm

$ 497.50


12:00pm – 3:15pm

$ 467.50

Full Day Option

(5 Day)

9:15am – 3:15pm

$ 935.00