This afternoon class is for 3 or 4 year old children that are with us in the mornings. Children must be potty-trained to attend Stepping Stones Preschool, diapers and pull-ups are not permitted. The schedule is extremely flexible. At registration, you will choose which day or days of the week you’d like for your child to stay. Parents may choose one to four afternoons a week, Tuesday through Friday.

During class time, the children will read stories by different authors and study their illustrative styles. The students will then apply those techniques to their own artwork using different mediums. Examples of authors the class will study are Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak and Shel Silverstein. All of this is done in a fun and engaging way, geared towards young children. There is also plenty of time for plenty of social interaction and time on the playground.

Below is a sample of how our day works.


Every day after your child is dismissed from their morning class they will go to lunch. Each child brings his/her own lunch. We will begin the year opening the children’s lunches and encouraging them to eat. We gradually teach them to be independent with a bagged lunch. They usually have the ability to unpack and repack their lunch boxes by mid-year.

Having a well-rounded lunch is important for them. Try adding new foods from time to time! You’d be amazed at the foods they won’t touch at home but are willing to eat in a group setting. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING WITH PEANUTS OR PEANUT BUTTER! We provide water for them to drink but if you’d like to send a water bottle that is fine. We give them a napkin every day and we have a few utensils on hand in case it’s needed and you forget to pack it. If your child forgets to bring his/her lunch and you are not able to bring it to school, we will make sure your child eats! We generally pull several snack items from the snack cabinet.

Nap and Rest

The kids will begin the year napping after lunch for about 30 minutes. The nap will be phased out in favor of quiet time by mid-year. The children are provided a mat and a darkened room. Our supervising teacher encourages the students to close their eyes and rest if they are sleepy. By mid-year, we begin having them read books quietly if they are not tired.


This class is very different from our morning groups. The mixed age group allows students to interact with kids at different maturity levels. We strongly encourage lots of free play in the classroom as well as on the playground.


Our PAL students will be doing lots of crafts. Because we have children that are with us on various days, the projects and the frequency with which you see them will vary. Some will be very simple–something the children can complete in one day, and some will be more complex, taking multiple days to complete.

Art projects often involve making a mess! This is an integral part of the creative process. Please send students to school in play clothes!


Our class will read every day. We will encourage a love of reading. Our teachers focus on pre-reading skills such as prediction and comparing and contrasting while reading with the students. Children will be encouraged to look at books on their own and listen to a stories in a large group setting.