Fine Motor Coordination

At Stepping Stones, fine motor skills are incorporated into many parts of our curriculum. Fine motor skills are the foundation children need before they learn handwriting. It helps strengthen and encourage a proper pencil grip and improves control of the pencil. Children need to be exposed to a variety of fine motor activities. Our teachers provide opportunities to manipulate different objects with things like tweezers and tongs. We also spend time using scissors, beading and coloring. Our art, science, and math activities give children additional time to practice these important skills.

Gross Motor Coordination

We believe that children need plenty of opportunities to run and jump, spin and climb. Classes play outside when the weather allows. When it is cold or rainy, we set up an indoor space so that the children can focus on their large motor skills.

Social Skills

Our children are just beginning to learn their place in our world, and a big part of that is learning how to interact with peers and adults. We allow plenty of time for free play, during which the children learn valuable skills such as taking turns, sharing, using words to express wants and needs, and negotiation.


We are preparing our children for kindergarten. In order to have a strong and successful beginning in kinder, we want to make sure our children have been exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Much of this occurs naturally as the children play and craft. As the children get closer to entering kindergarten, teachers may begin to be more direct in their instruction of specific academic skills.

Crafts, Alphabet, Music and Play (CAMP)
CAMP is an enrichment class all SSP students participate in every day. Students build on and practice skills they are learning in their classrooms as the CAMP teacher works closely with classroom teachers to ensure coordination between the classes. Students sing, make music with classroom instruments, paint and create all while learning! CAMP gives students an opportunity to interact with a different teacher and transition to different classroom, which reinforces social etiquette and interpersonal skills.

During chapel each week, the children listen to a story from the Bible. Each month, we focus on a different virtue. The stories and activities will highlight those virtues. For example, if our monthly virtue is love, they will hear a story from the Bible showing God’s love, they will talk about how they can show love to their friends, and they will sing songs such as Jesus Loves the Little Children.


Please remember we are peanut butter and peanut free. 
Parents provide a class snack for all the children in their child’s class about once a month. Your child’s teacher will send home a calendar each month. On your child’s assigned day, you bring in snack for 10 children. Some suggestions for snacks are: cut fresh fruit, carrots, cheese sticks, crackers, goldfish crackers, applesauce, etc. Please do not send in nuts. All snacks containing peanuts or peanut butter will be returned home unopened. Because we are not always able to determine specific ingredients in snacks, children with allergies or medical conditions which require special dietary considerations need to bring their own snack. If you miss your snack day, the school will provide a snack. However, please send in a replacement snack so we can keep our pantry stocked.